How will OMSI move on after yesterday's big announcement?

  • Hey fans,

    we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your feedback on yesterday's announcement of LOTUS-Simulator. We are completely overwhelmed and are looking forward to working with you. :)

    Much more important than the anticipation of LOTUS are the questions, how we move on with OMSI and the OMSI forum. Which further steps have been planned and when do you have to move? :D

    • OMSI will be cared of and patched beyond that year.
    • The betatesting before a patch release will continue.
    • It's not worth to discontinue the work on OMSI projects, since LOTUS will not be released in the next year!
    • The only platform we use for talking about LOTUS is currently Facebook.
    • The LOTUS-forum is not going to be revealed in the near future. The OMSI forum will persist in its current shape and is not going to be our platform to talk about LOTUS or make announcements about LOTUS.

    Again, thank you very much for your kind feedback :)
    Best regards