Proyect UniTram (Beta Update 23/03/17)

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  • For Translating of Namenlos5:

    Hi cool tram she would be better if she had outside swing doors

    Ich mag OMSI...und Tatras...und...das neue Forum

  • Will the doors look so similar to the KT4D?

    The configuration of the tram will be like the KT4D.
    The doors are electric visually similar to the ones on the first version but they move out and to the side like modern ones. The KT4D usualy uses hidraulic swing doors.

  • Wow what a great Tram!
    for a beta Tram its a great success!


    For Eberlinsee its on place two (after NF6D)!
    but for Gladbek and Schönau it isnt the right Train

    And i have a bug :
    Anitime Passengers say: Its too Wet! You are too late, hrhrhrhrgggggg :,C

    I'll now read the Script Files (of course the door.constfile becuase i dont like doorclose bieping thing but at this train its good and the "Türverzögerung" is better maybe I'll be active at this Thread because this Train is a very success Omsi Freeware Train


    Grüße aus Heidelberg -Nik


    :bus_small::sbahn_small::tram_small::ubahn_small: :busstop_small: