Position of steering wheel and dashboard.

  • Is it possible to change position of steering wheel and dashboard only in blender or is it possible to change it via coordinates in scripts of the bus, or there is another way? If you can explain me the way to do it, I would be grateful.

  • Hi! Yes it is possible without Blender! :-) You can change the position of almost any object. The magical word sounds: "daueranimation"

    But, how it works? Well...

    1. You go in the model-file of your bus. You can find them in the following structure: OMSI 2\Vehicles\Name of the Bus\Model\…

    2. Then you search in this file the object, which do you would Change.

    3. UNDER the whole data of this object, you can insert following:


    x - there is the axis… x for left/right; y for up/down; z for front/back

    trans - "trans" mean Transportation (move); "rot" means rotation

    1.25 - this is the Input (maybe 1.25m)

    4. Save it and quit.

    5. Go to the script-folder.

    6. Create a editor-file "Daueranimation.osc". This must contain:

    1. {macro:Daueranimation_frame}
    2. 1 (S.L.Daueranimation)
    3. {end}

    7. Create a further file in the same folder -> "Daueranimation_varlist.txt". This must contain:

    1. Daueranimation

    8. Go in your bus-file (OMSI 2\Vehicles\Name of the Bus\).

    9. Search "[varnamelist]".

    10. In this list you add the path "script\daueranimation_varlist.txt" and add one number (under "[varnamelist]") up!

    11. Search "[script]".

    12. In this list you add the path "script\daueranimation.osc" and add one number (under "[script]") up!

    13. Please insert in your repaint-file (.cti):

    1. [setvar]
    2. daueranimation
    3. 1

    14. READY! :-)

    Please note: Maybe you must try different Inputs in step 3 (I mean the purple number). When you pleacing a minus in front of the number (like -1.25), the Input goes in the other direction.

    So, I hope this little tutorial will help you ;-)

    - IRE612 -

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