Budapest - Kispest Remastered

  • I will post it ;)
    Gecse, from the Hu community will make the new line part nicer and so on. I do not link, but the compatibility update pack available. It needs Kispest 1.4.5 / 1.5.1
    I advise to wait for the nice release.

  • nice to hear it. Is there any link where could I follow the progress? thx!

    Wir bitten Sie, älteren und behinderten Fahrgästen, sowie Personen mit Kleinkindern die Sitzplätze zu überlassen.

  • I see only the sky.

    I tried:
    Remastered Only

    Only OMSI 2 Version and overwrite it with Remastered version.

    The problem in the log is identical:

  • I'm happy if you could solve the issue :) On the other hand enjoy the map ;)
    I advice driving Ikarus 412 or Ikarus 260.46. Get it from omsicenter / linked hungarian forum.

  • I first downloaded V2.0 and then V2.1, but OMSI Map Tools reports that I'm still missing this file:


    Does anybody know where I can find it?

    Thanks :)