'Text-ability' on signs

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  • Hi. I have a Danish bus stop sign which I want to write on.. can only do this through the texture which means I'd need 99999 texture files in order to complete my map with text.. I can't seem to solve how to make OMSI write on it using the Label function..

    Anyone who know?

  • Please take a look to the object "Ruede\hst_alt.sco" and please read this article: http://www.omnibussimulator.de…?title=Configuration_File

    Now you will find two major commands:

    1. [texttexture]
    2. {No. of source string - 0,1,2...}
    3. {Font name (you will find it in *.oft files in the font directory)}
    4. {width of created texture file - pixels}
    5. {height of created texture file - pixels}
    6. {use a special color (0) or use original colors of font (1) ?}
    7. {R (if the previous entry is 0)}
    8. {G}
    9. {B}

    This command will create a texture with the string you will enter in the map editor like it is possible on the bus stops.

    Later, you will find the following command:

    You know that [mesh] will include a new mesh file. The second command selects the correct submesh (OMSI will find it with the name of the assigned texture) and the last command will tell OMSI to use the text texture no. 0 instead of the original texture. The number you will enter here will be the counter of the previous added [texttexture] command.

  • Thank you Marcel, I'll try to sort it out with this !


    EDIT: Now I've set it up. Looks like this:

    Misplaced and too small!


    I also have an other question - I've been trying to set up KR (kroner) as a money-type in OMSI, but as we have 100 kr OMSI writes something which I recall was '1E2A' when a passenger wants to buy a ticket and pays 100 kr.