Rocar De Simon family

  • Type of project: (Bus)

    Name of project: Rocar De Simon U412-2x0 family

    Involved persons: me, Renault_Safra_ER100 (so far)

    Estimated construction time: no earlier than fall 2020.

    Help needed: yes; with certain scripts (inquiries will be made at the proper sub-forum when necessary)

    Details: A break from the German buses presented around here and also the first (partially) romanian bus in OMSI. :)

    This bus was produced by Rocar (for many years the only Romanian bus manufacturer) between 1995 and 2003, based on a De Simon-licensed body. Although the italian flavour is obvious, bearing resemblances with the ubiquitous Inbus U210FT, the romanian-made versions had significant differences given by the german-sourced components (such as the MAN D0826LUH engine, the Voith D851 transmission) and domestic ones (the flip-dot matrix and announcement system). Around 370 buses were made in the 8-year course, the vast majority of them (340) ending up at RATB (Regia Autonomă de Transport București - Bucharest's public transport operator). The last of these were withdrawn in august 2011.

    This mod is intended to recreate the most known versions of the bus, such as the early-series models (U412-230, like this one) and the most wide-spread version (U412-260, shown in-game). Other derivatives are planned and will be shown at the right time.


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  • Meanwhile, I remodeled the body significantly and added some exterior details.

    You know you're doing the right thing when you almost can't tell the difference between your model and the reference picture ;)

  • So far I've tried to be as accurate as possible, but due to the lack of photos and information regarding the early-production models, I only rely on my (pretty spot-on but not always enough) intuition and whatever details I gather from people who knew their way around these machines.