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    163 23:09:30 - - Error: The file "Fonts\ANX_M_SD - ?????.oft" could not be loaded!
    164 23:09:30 - - Error: The file "Fonts\ANX_S - ?????.oft" could not be loaded!
    165 23:09:30 - - Error: In "Fonts\Buse_15x6.oft" there was an error in line 85!

    168 23:09:36 - - Error: The file "Money\gcW_Euro\euro.cfg" could not be loaded!

    196 23:09:47 - - Error: In "vehicles\FW_T5\model\FW_T5_NL.cfg" there was an error in line 13!

    You should check these errors. Fonts sometimes throw errors which does not seem to affect gameplay, and money packs the worst they can do is glitch the ticket selling. However, missing/bugged AI vehicles can sometimes cause the map to not load or have some trouble.

    Try removing that vehicle from the ailist (go to the OMSI 2/maps folder, then Stadtedriereck folder, open ailists.cfg, search for vehicles\FW_T5\ and if it exists, remove that line), and see if it solves your problem.

    The wait was really worth it, the bus is really good. I have to say the designers of CAM were drunk when they designed this thing, it looks so weird... actually, it's so weird that i like it xD.

    The model has a very good quality, same with scripts. I really like the rear door cameras, it is a very useful feature that only a very few buses have. The sounds are nice for me. I am not precisely an expert in MAN engines, they just came here in 2016 equipped into Volkswagen chassis and they are still very rare as many bus operators use MB engines here.

    In a few words, congratulations for an excellent work :)

    Yep that was what i tried first, and i had the problem of passengers not leaving the bus if the front door is closed. Now i solved it by switching the entry numbers in the 'passenger flow control' script. I modified that script to look this way:

    Exit1 and Entry1 do not exist anymore, as there is only one entry and exit. So they should return always false, then giving way to Entry0 and Exit0 which is what i am looking for.

    I tested it in Grundorf and worked great. So the problem is solved. Thanks very much for your help :)

    Hi, thanks for your reply. I renamed the file to .txt to be able to attach it, as the forum does not allow .osc files: doors.txt

    As far as I know (from what i've seen when driving the bus and when trying to understand that script), the script checks if there is a stop request for door X, if there is, boarding passengers must wait until all leaving passengers had left the bus before getting in.

    I tried deleting that extra script, but that results in the bus not picking any passengers.

    Hi all.

    I have a Russian bus (LiAZ 5256.13), which has an amazing quality and i really like driving it. But it being a Russian bus, passengers can use both doors to either enter or leave it, because that's how Russian buses run in real life.

    For my personal use i want to edit the door scripts to make passengers only use the front door to enter and the back for exit.

    I've already adjusted the passengercabin.cfg entries, and it works well, the passengers only move to the front door when i approach a stop, and leaving passengers only go to the back. However, there is an issue with leaving passengers: they move to the rear door to leave, but they will never leave the bus if the front door is not open. In fact, the rear door is useless - if the front one is open, passengers will leave even with the rear door closed ?(

    I opened the doors.osc file of the bus and the script regarding passengers is this piece of code:

    From my very limited knowledge i know i need to remove exit from door 0 and entry from door 1, however, i do not understand the rest of the script. L.L.haltewunsch means stop request, so i know it asks if someone wants to leave, but i really dont know what does the rest mean, and how i could modify it to make it work the way i want (enter the bus via front door, leave via rear door).

    I appreciate any help.

    Thanks :)

    Schau mal, ob im Ticketpack für Krefrath die Tickettexturdatei vorhanden ist, also "TicketPacks" -> "Krefrath" -> "Fahrscheine_80er.bmp"

    Check if the ticket texture file exists in the ticketpack subfolder: "TicketPacks" -> "Krefrath" -> "Fahrscheine_80er.bmp"

    No, there is no .bmp in the folder nor in the .zip file of the map. I will try downloading it again, thanks.

    You can make a workaround with the old URLs, you only need the thread ID of the thread you want to visit.

    For example, if you want to go to this thread:…php?page=Thread&threadID=37103

    Just copy the URL of any thread of the new forum and replace the thread ID with the one of the thread you want to go, like this:

    Just type that in the browser and it will complete the rest of the URL for you.


    Related to the map: i have a problem with the tickets, they are all white. I didnt discover this for a while because i usually play with ticket sale off, but some buses (like the O305) have the tickets on some place of the driver cabin. Basically the tickets have no texture at all:

    Am i missing some texture or maybe the download file was corrupt? I highly doubt it could be a memory problem, as tickets weigh less than 1 KB and i dont have this issue in any other map.

    Congrats for your brilliant map :). I really enjoy driving around, specially the intercity lines goes through some beautiful old towns. Places like Angerrath Kirche are lovely.

    There is something in the map that blows my mind. There is a 'ghost stop' named Wertgasse. It is placed next to Willhelmplatz and serves lines 51 and 52. In theory it is the last stop before the terminus. But right before Wertgasse is Willhelmplatz, which is the end of both lines, so any passengers you have on the bus will leave there. This means that in Wertgasse, nobody will ever ask for a stop nor be waiting there to get in. So my question is, is it just an easter egg, are you planning to give it some purpose in a future update, or does it have a purpose that i dont see (for example, to serve as a starting point for AI drivers)?

    I do know which engines are built in these buses, at Wikipedia the information that the buses until €5 have the OM457hLA or OM447hLAG and the later ones from €6 have the OM936. I am wondering which engine this bus should have. If we knew the year of built of the built bus we could see this question as answered.

    According to Wikipedia that bus started its production in 2014, so it's probably Euro 6. Well, the .bus file says the model uses the OM 936 Euro 6 engine.

    The bus looks good, specially in the exterior, has good sounds, scripts etc, but the dashboard is a huge thumbs down. It looks unfinished and very unrealistic, and the dashboard is in my opinion the most important part of an OMSI bus, because we usually spend most of our play time in the dashboard view, even some players only play with the dashboard view, as if they were driving a real bus.

    If you sometime finish the dashboard im sure the quality of the bus will be greatly improved, because the rest of the bus is very well designed, just some minor flaws in the interior.

    Anyway, congratulations for your effort. You made a great progress comparing to the previous version of your OC500LE


    It feels like a bus from one of my favourite games, Mafia II


    (altough it is ambiented a few years before this bus started being produced)

    I watched this video and it really looks amazing. If nothing older is realased before this bus will be the second oldest bus in all OMSI, just below... your own previous model xD. Congrats for your work, it is really nice



    Wie repainted man diesen Bus? Das Template hat viel zu viele Ebenen! Auf welche muss ich denn jetzt repainten?

    How do I repaint this bus? The template has way too many layers, I'm confused! Which one do I need to paint on?

    Tobi aka The Stig's German Cousin

    In the .psd template you have an empty group named "REPAINT DETAILS GO HERE". In that group you have to place the layers of your repaint. If you want to edit other parts, for example the license plate you can go to the group "Other".

    Great news. OMSI really lacks European coaches in high quality, currently the only one is the Volvo 9900 and the Caetano Levante. There are a lot of very good intercity buses but almost nothing in coaches. There are a lot of Brazilian good made coaches, but i want something from Europe too.

    You've done a brilliant work with this model :D. The lack of "competition" in the segment will make this bus more epic. I'm really looking forward to the release, and congratulations for your very good work.

    Read the message above:

    Twingo, the map uses the VZ_Mast_Vorfahrtstraße.sco file, and there's an ß character in the filename. If you don't have that specific file, just copy the one you have and rename it.
    Sorry for that. Unfortunately every time I install an addon map, I also get an insane amount of garbage, like duplicated files, renamed files, and so on.

    The ailists.cfg is in the map's folder.



    This coach is amazing. The dashboard reminds me to the ETS2 trucks. I've only seen this level of detail in the Volvo 9900. Keep up this good work