OMSI - finally for game console

  • Dear OMSI fans!

    We are very happy to grant an exclusive glimpse on our most recent project: OMSI for game console!

    We did not spare any efforts to make this unique adventure possible for you. OMSI finnaly lines up with the great gaming classics, like Super Mario Bros., Tetris or Donkey Kong.

    The features have mostly been adopted:

    • Drive the Berlin Standard-double-decker buses of the 80s and 90s
    • Original bus lines of Spandau
    • Real passenger behaviour
    • Schedule analysis
    • AI traffic

    Tech specs:

    • Compatible to NES
    • 52 color palette!
    • Real bus sounds for Midi/NSF-Format
    • Only 2 kB RAM required
    • Runs on 1,77 MHz Chips

    We are looking forward to your reactions on our new flagship, at which we will devote ourselves from now on.

    Marcel, Rüdiger & Janine

  • haha! that would kinda be cool if it was real :P

    Please do not converse with the driver when the bus/truck is in motion!