Comments on "OMSI 2 - Downloadpack Vol. 3+5"

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  • A very welcome adition, longtime waited.
    I have set and work this one to run with Chicago in english using supplied voices with the addon to work with Halycon addon.

  • Did you create new voices or did you assign the existing ones to the new people? The reason I'm asking is because I so far mixed new and old folks on the maps in question


    Für mich ist es nur ein kleiner Tritt auf die Bremse, für alle anderen ein großer Schritt nach vorne! (Busfahrerweisheit)

  • Hi everyone

    It’s time for the first update. First off, a big thank you for playing! We hope that the new passengers will provide variety in your everyday work.

    This patch is packed with new content and some adjustments.


    • Fixed animations for all characters "amble"
    • Added TicketPack "Bremen-Nord"

    Woman 1

    • Improved 3D model "Woman 1B - handbag"
    • New cloth varieties

    Man 1

    • New cloth variety

    Man 2

    • Improved 3D model "Man 2B - cap"
    • Improved sweater textures
    • New cloth variety

    Child 1

    • New cloth varieties

    Bei Fragen rund um Sounds und Sounddesign, könnt ihr euch gerne bei mir melden via PN oder in meinem Thread.
    Private Anfragen zur Soundpackerstellung werden nicht mehr entgegen genommen - Lediglich für Entwickler eines Busses biete ich noch Hilfe an!

    Private inquiries for creating a sound-pack will now be declined. I will only provide help for active bus developers.

  • Good work with this people packs and a really wellcome adition bringing fresh air by Omsi 2.
    Also english in the pack was a excelent idea for Chicago and others future items.
    Many thanks and keep up the good work.