SOR c10.5 v2.0

  • Hello,

    I want to show you my new model of bus SOR c 10,5 v2.0 for Omnibussimulator


    On 24.12.2012 i released first version of the SOR, but now after 8 months i release new second version of this bus, re-constructed and better with a lots of original features.

    Shortly about SOR company:
    Company SOR Libchavy s.r.o., which has been producing buses since 1991, is placed in the Czech Republic. Currently they are manufacturing buses in the length of 8.5m, 9.5m, 10,5m, 12 m, 13.5m and 18m in the design of urban, intercity and distant traffic. After Iveco Czech Republic, a. s., company SOR Libchavy spol. s r.o. is currently the second largest manufacturer of buses in the Czech Republic. You can see desing of SOR buses on Hungarian buses CREDO or Polish Solbus, but only SOR is original.

    Now its time to present my new bus:
    [NEW!] – features with this symbol are used first time in omsi!

    [NEW!] – Failures of engine, electric and transmisson
    [NEW!] – Breakable front and rear part of the bus
    [NEW!] – Printable schedule
    [NEW!] – Dirty floor cleaning
    [NEW!] – 5-level retarder
    [NEW!] – sound for map without Ansagen.
    [NEW!] – Animated lever for faked automatic transmisson
    [NEW!] – Hand wave (first time in version 1.0!)
    [NEW!] – All boxes are openable (first time in version 1.0!)
    – baked textures
    – new mesh
    – new interior
    – new sounds
    – new scripts
    – BUSE system
    – reverse sound
    – sound of passengers request
    – new cashmachine

    Only 3 parts of mesh are as same as in version 1.0! Other parts were completely remodeled!

    DOWNLOAD: (.rar or .ams)
    MIRROR: (.rar)

    NOTE: Some .hof files in bus folder aren´t for BUSE system!

    I hope you enjoy this model. I appreciate your opinion. Please provide me with any feedback you may have from your experience.

    Thank you ;)

    HOTFIX to v2.02

    • Corrected lighting
    • Faster tachometer
    • Exhaust is now on right place
    • New backdoors animation
    • New parking lights with button
    • Corrected repaints Veolia_nova and gay
    • Doors are openable with button only if electricity is turned on

    WARNING! HOTFIX 2.02 includes 2.01!

    HOTFIX to v2.01
    - Corrected headlights
    - Standing passengers
    - Reverse light (manual transmission)
    - Faster acceleration (manual transmission)
    - New sounds for manual transmission
    - Retarder manipulation +/- (<KY_cp_retarder_pridaj> and <KY_cp_retarder_uber>)
    - Ansagen button on cashmachine
    - Repaint corrected
    - New views
    - Fixed passengers paths

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  • Nice Bus!!! :-)

    The video and the readme sounds really really good.

    I'm going to test this bus and will write another comment later :-)



    Viele Grüße

    mango :)

    Für entstandene Rechtschreibfehler kommt nur mein Handy in Frage. Im Vorraus bitte ich um Entschuldigung ! :D

  • Wow, the pictures looks very interresting!

    But the Video does't Work. The Gema locked the Video, because it inclueded music.

  • Wegen der Musik ist das Video in Deutschland nicht verfügbar, da es durch die GEMA gesperrt wurde, man kann es hier nur über einen kleinen Umweg über ansehen!

    Because of the music video is not available in Germany because it was blocked by GEMA, you can view it here only a small detour via!

  • Wow, this is awesome! In my country we have many many SOR buses and this feels just like home! :)

  • Congratz for the First bus in omsi that breakable when u hit in object or car , this makes omsi more real , anyway i had test the old version , now i will test the new one , keep ya head up ;)

  • I have a problem with the Bus.
    When I enter the line number and destination, appears only on the tail number lines, but on the side and the front eco nothing displayed.
    Although I have installed everything. Why is that?

  • And what can I do that on the front, the destination is displayed? It's stupid that the line number is displayed at the rear but on the side or front is nothing.

  • Is it possible to upload it on another site, because my download broke up first time and I am not able to download it two times ?(

    Wäre es Möglich den Bus wo anders hochzuladen?

  • Würde ich auch wissen, bei mir bricht der gleich nach Start ab :(

    EDIT: Wieso jetzt? 5 Minuten bei 111MB! :( Mit dem Firefox Downloadmanager aber nicht mit DownThemAll!

  • Ja, auf dieser Seite kann man den Bus kaum runterladen.
    Please upload this bus on a other side.

  • Thank you for building this nice bus! You have done a really great job. I only have to mention one thing: The rear doors move too far away from the positon on which they are when they are closed. Can you fix this? Thank you!

    Die hinteren Türen schwenken viel zu weit aus (siehe Bild). Was kann ich tun, um diesen Fehler selbst zu beheben, wenn es der Autor nicht tut? Danke für die Antworten!